“My beloved daughter,
I can still hardly believe you exist. Ever since I learnt about you, my thoughts are with you every single day. Whenever I see your brother I ask myself if you are similar to him…
I will never forgive myself for losing so much time with you. Please give your brother and me the chance to be part of your life. I know that I cannot undo everything that happened. But I will try to love and protect you, every day, the way you deserve it.
I hope you become part of our family, which is also your family now.
With love,
your father”

This video was made in our “Video Basics” class at the Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences.

Actors: Miriam Pechtl, Christian Leitner, Erich Huber
Voice Actor: Robert Lang
Produced by: Caroline Eiter, Martina Kathan, Nora Huber
Music: Daniel Broger